My Aunt Eloise, 90 Years Strong.

 My family was privileged to attend and participate in the celebration of my Aunt Eloise Williams’ 90th birthday on Saturday, August 27, 2011.

 My family was privileged to attend and participate in the celebration of my Aunt Eloise Williams’ 90th birthday on Saturday, August 27, 2011.

Sheri and Khara, my wife and daughter, and I left for Harrison, AR around 9:30am. I was really excited that Khara decided to go with us. We got to take her car, my plan had worked well. Anyway, we got to Harrison in time to get lunch and then we headed to the Quality Inn for the celebration.

This was an event that my first cousins, Judy, Cheryl, Cathy, Johnny and Lisa, (AKA “The Kids”) had been planning for some time.  “The Kids” did an awesome job!  You could tell all the hard work and planning they did for their mother as soon as you entered.  They had a sign in book that was actually a photo album. Great idea! I signed the book next to a blank photo holder then stepped over and let cousin Cathy take my group’s photo. Kathy will print and place the photo next to our names. Aunt Eloise will have a perfect way to see all that attended. This is a good thing, with around 150 – 200 guests, I bet she might have missed seeing a couple. So much better than just a signed register. Again this was a great idea!

The guest tables were adorned with flowers and serving tables held good food, birthday cupcakes and punch. There was what I will call a memory table that displayed many interesting things from my Aunt Eloise’s life. I wish I had gotten to look more at the photo albums.

The birthday girl was very busy, I finally got my chance to hug and convey my birthday wishes to her. I then enjoyed getting to see and visit with my other Aunts, Helen and Betty. I even got over to say hi to my Dad, who drove up by himself from Batesville to celebrate his sister’s birthday. They call Dad, Chet or Chester, in this part of Arkansas. That will forever sound odd to me. After saying hello to friends and relatives my group joined my sisters, Beverly and Candy, along with their husbands at the table staked out for our clan.

“The Kids” presented a wonderful show to honor their mother. I say show because it featured choreographed slideshows, live music, songs, readings and narrations by all “The Kids”. It was all very enjoyable, enlightening and allowed all those in attendance to see their mother through her children’s eyes. Again, Judy, Cheryl, Kathy, Johnny and Lisa, you all did a fantastic job!

I think it is a very wonderful thing that all of Aunt Eloise’s Siblings could be together to celebrate her 90th birthday. I hope Khara gets to take a picture, like the one above, with all my sisters when one of us turns 90 years old.

Happy 90th Birthday Aunt Eloise, I love you and all your family.

From Clayton, your brother’s son.


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  1. Clayton! Thanks for sharing such a wonderful tribute! So glad that 3 our of 4 of our Batesville cousins were able to make it to the party with spouses and daughter in tow. We wish Kay had been able to be with us too!

  2. Wow Clayton-such a nice post. It is a real blessing that all Mom’s sibs were able to share in the celebration. I have to admit that I got a little misty-eyed when I looked over at church this morning to see Mom, Helen, Betty and your dad all sitting together. How Grandma/Grandpa C must have been smiling! Thank you for the kind words and for helping us celebrate. We love you too!

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