Dell M65 Laptop Video Display has Known Problem – NVIDIA GPU

Ahhh! The blog is back up! Boooo! The laptop is down.

I was needing something to blog about and boom, my laptop display goes nuts! OK, I research and find that this is a KNOWN problem with my DELL M65 laptop. So, this is my journey to getting my laptop fixed.

Below is a video that shows exactly what my laptop looks like right now.

I have researched the problem and it lead me to Lionel Menchaca’s , Dell’s Chief Blogger, posts on the subject.
Here is the first post I found – NVIDIA GPU Update: Limited Warranty Enhancement Details

Here is the second and latest post I found – NVIDIA GPU Update: NVIDIA Class Action Settlement and Limited Warranty Enhancement

From reading the comments from people that called in blind to Dell’s Tech support, I have decide to private message Lionel Menchaca ad he informs readers to do.¬† I hope all goes quickly¬† and well. I will report first contact in the next post.